Monday, May 3, 2010

The Streets of St. Pete

"Man with Sunglasses and Brick Wall" St. Petersburg, Florida 1990
(photo copyright uri korn)

"Smoking At Night" St. Petersburg, Florida 1992
(photo copyright uri korn)

"Retired Couple" St. Petersburg, Florida 1992
(photo copyright uri korn)

"Two Dudes" Southside St. Petersburg, Florida 1993
(photo copyright uri korn)

Shooting portraits on the streets of St. Petersburg when I was growing up had a very strange quality. There was an abundance of eccentric and interesting people around. Mostly because St. Pete was once the retirement destination of choice,- there was always a huge population of "senior citizens" wandering around. It kind of retained the look of the 1950s because most of it's inhabitants were still dressing the same until 2000.
When I was growing up the average age of the town was 64- that is an old average.
But beyond age there was also a certain surreal style that seems to have pervaded the town like no where else I have ever lived.

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  1. St. Petersburg was definitely a surreal place to grow up for me, the Dali museum seems right at home there. The Retired Couple is spot on. Love it.